Future of Mississauga City Centre

The new master plan for the Mississauga City Centre includes many changes that will help to improve living and working conditions for its residents. This plan will increase transportation facilities and would help in economic development of the city.

Downtown development plans also stresses on the development of unique districts. The districts include Confederation, Square One, Hurontario, Main Street, Sussex, Mississauga Valley, Civic District, Clearly Park and Rathburn. The overall changes suggested in the plan would help to facilitate job sector, improve pedestrian walkways and improve the designs and architectural standards of buildings.

The city’s new strategic plan encircles around the concept of “Living Green” with a reduced carbon footprint, which shall be accomplished by applying the creative design techniques to the buildings and landscapes of the Downtown as a whole.

The future of Downtown is grand and would offer unique opportunities for its distinctive community. This master plan will provide affordable and accessible housing to its citizens and would also reduce auto dependency by creating such an environment that makes walking and cycling viable options for the daily trips that are usually between home, office and shopping malls.

The plan would help to make Mississauga City Centre, green, supportive and vibrant. It will be a green corridor as the master design focuses on the bicycle networks that connect parks and squares.


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