Mayor Hazel McCallion’s reign to continue

October 25th, 2010

Mayor Hazel McCallion, 89, has won the election competition tonight and took 76 per cent of the vote. She will remain in office for a 12th consecutive term.

Dave Cook took eight per cent vote among 14 candidates and remained second.

But not the whole thing went according the mayor’s way. At 76 per cent of the vote, her fame has dropped considerably from the 90-plus per cent she historically scores on election night, leaving many; including challengers Cook and George Winter, believing the Mississauga judicial investigation badly spoiled her support.

McCallion required the seven councillors who voted for the investigation, including Parrish, ousted.Parrish and Corbasson missed but the other five members of the supposed “Group of Seven” retained their seats. She faced conflict in the last four years because some councillors have been critical of the mayor’s leadership.

Above 100 people defeated Parrish, and Ward 8 Councillor Katie Mahoney, attended McCallion’s conquest party.

The reason of McCallion’s run again is because City Council has turn into a divided group and she wanted to put an end to that.

McCallion said that this will be her last term in office because she’ll be 93 years old in 2014.

“People question my age all the time, but let me tell you if I was any healthier it would hurt,” she added.

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