Mississauga Condo Market Overview

As, far as the Mississauga Condo Market trends are concerned, it has been observed that approximately 1200 to 1400 condo apartments have been resold during the 2005 to 2008, that shows the reselling  of condo apartments are taking place and its business is going smooth and towards prosperity. The ratio between the active and sold listings is although down if we are to compare with the 2009 but the prices are not dropped.

Mississauga is basically the most considered choice for destination for professionals as well as immigrants. It is a central place and therefore, many educated professionals prefer to reside here.

Condo apartments are required by many first time buyers who can not afford the rates of Toronto real estate prices so they migrate to Mississauga and live in condo communities.

Mississauga city is preferred by the real estate builders as it is a central area and all transit areas, restaurants, shopping malls and public places are nearby so real estate business is very successful here.

Due to the present economic crises, new condos are not being sold rapidly. It was analysed that less than 6 condos were sold in 2009 in the W15 district of Mississauga. There should be some better techniques adopted by sellers so that the buyers are encouraged to buy the condo units.

Mississauga Condo market is a perfect place for doing real estate business. Overall,   Condos in Mississauga have been appreciated of about 3.9% per year for the last four years. They are affordable and the central place of Mississauga is offering a great deal for business opportunities for real estate businesses.


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