New Urban Development Plan for Mississauga City Centre

It has been decided by the city government of Mississauga that all the further urban development required for Mississauga City Centre should include transportation provisions for public. Mainly, focusing on increasing the capacity of the present built up areas, the city government authorities’ are also thinking to revitalise public spaces in the downtown Mississauga and specially focusing on parks and public places in City centre area. It is thought to make a vibrant community in the coming years so that there become a place for multicultural events, restaurants, cinema halls walking trails and much more.

Mississauga City centre is known to be a central point of business and investments from a number of years. Square One Shopping Mall, Art Gallery, Civic Square and Sports Hall of Fame are spotted places that make this place a destination of choice.

Mississauga City Centre provides a unique platform for many activities. In the coming years, it is planned that every public place shall be linked together thus creating a pedestrian friendly place.

Mississauga Rapid Transit Plan will help in the future growth of the city, it will benefit business organizations. Mississauga City Centre is the considered the second largest employment area of the Greater Toronto Area.

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