Tips to Sell or Buy a Condo

Selling a Condominium

If one is about to sell a condominium, it’s  better to obtain advice from a specific realtor because they might help you to reach potential customers  and possess a sound knowledge of all the paper work and formalities related to condo selling.

Realtor will help you to reach the best client but you should always keep three important factors in your mind:

a) Create Listings

Try to sell your property by making a list of everything your condo is offering. Highlight the key areas and items about your condo that make it different from the others available in the market. Your realtor should also know all the residency features your condo is offering. The amenities of your residency are very important because the residents are always concerned about the location and facilities near the condo.

b) Advertisement

If you are about to sell the residence on your own then you need to market it by creating ads on 3 by 5 cards with the most unique features offered by your condo. Post these ads in office areas, transit stations and also use catchy phrases in order to get people attention.

You might also spread the information in your neighbourhood, family and between friends in order to make the selling process fast.

Buying a condominium

Again, if you are thinking of buying a condo then real estate agents are the people to rely upon because they have a good know how on the related aspects for buying a condominium. As, you are about to make a large and single investment so always consider the equity as it increases with the market place. So, before buying a property consider these factors:

a) Right location

The property that is chosen for buying should be at the right location. If it is centrally located then it would not only provide security but its worth will be saved during inflation. Always try to reach condo communities, so that you might be able to ensure whether you might be able to make changes to the property. Purchasing a small condo unit at a best building or location may appreciate in value more than buying the best unit at a lesser building or location.

b) Amenities

Amenities will cost you money each month but often sound attractive as well. These extra monthly charges do affect the purchasing rates.

c) Comparison Shopping

Always ask for various discounts and deals. Inquire from condo owners about their past experiences. Take advice from the real estate agents about the additional monthly expenses.


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