Townhouse Condos

Townhouse condos are dwellings that combine all the amenities of a single family house. Basically, a townhouse is a home that is attached to adjacent houses. The ownership of the townhouse depends upon the ownership of the land on which it is built. When a person buys a condominium, he does not own a land beneath his home but has to contribute to the general maintenance of the common areas.

Townhouses are also referred to row houses and may be built as single or multi-stories structure. They might be either attached to neighbour houses or may share the common walls whether the unit is in a central place or at the end. Townhouses might be grouped as small units or they may be a part of a huge complex.

These townhouses offer a little green space in the form of a backyard or landscape walk-up on the house front. Some town houses have backyard patios or up stair balconies as well.

There are some benefits of buying a townhouse as there would be less responsibility of exterior building maintenance. There is a higher security with neighbours while swimming pools and tennis courts are also available in larger complex.


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