Buying a Condo

Condos are units of a specific building that are owned by individuals. Buying a condo is a little different from buying a house. Condos offer community living to individuals.

Your requirement

Before buying, it should be thought what actually is the required. Condos price and any charges related to monthly association will apply regardless of ones interest in any facility provided such as gym or swimming etc.

Inquire about amenities

It is preferred that you might visit other town houses or communities so that you would gain pre-hand info about what you will avail before you might take any decision. Check and find out about the parking areas and security facilities.

Meet with a real estate agent

One should visit a real estate agent and get a market analysis related to the selling prices of condos in a specific building.

Building Repute

Inquire about the repute of the place that you are going to select for your living and whether the repairs and maintenance take place at the appointed time.

Home Owners Association

Try to observe the notes of Home Owner’s Association and how the members are trying to resolve issues.

Certificate of Operation

Make sure that a building has the certificate of operation because risk should not be taken for a building that is not complete.


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