Condo Appraisal

If you are new to buy a new home then you should give it a second thought to involve a real estate appraiser before you make any settlements. A new home buyer may or may not be naive but he may not have enough information about various details that are on a purchase agreement. Though you might think sometimes that involving a condo appraiser is just an added cost but in fact they have the experience and knowledge that may help you to save thousands of dollars.

Real estate appraisers would help you to buy a new home especially if you are using a third party e.g. a private lender or a bank. The real state appraiser would assess the market value of the property you are interested in. They would inspect the property you are interested in and would create a punch list. The real estate appraisal would do a survey for you and would point out items that need to get fixed. A real estate appraisal may take one or four hours depending on the square footage of your home. The real estate appraiser would start by observing the performance of appliances from the initial start up phase to certain time duration. The appraiser would check the electricity box, faulty wiring and switch functioning.


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