Rent a Condo

If you are thinking to rent a condo then you may also rent it out with out the help of a realtor. You have to fully devote your time in order to rent out the apartment according to your desire.

  • You might list your condo on a Craigslist for your city.
  • After that, schedule appointments for showing the unit.
  • Let the interested clients fill out the rental applications.
  • Fill out for the lease signing, if all the items are checked out.
  • File all the paper work and prepare the house for the client to move in.
  • Check the locks if they are to be replaced, observe if the house needs too be painted or cleaned.

It is preferred to rent out the apart by oneself because if a realtor is involved in renting out then they generally require a contract of six months which is approximately equivalent to one months rent. At times, it also happens that a realtor may find a client who requires a house for a short period of time or is temporary. So, in this way the realtor would have another chance for renting out your property and charge another fee.


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